The Safer schools campaign group made up primarily of more than 150 families, that have lost children to suicide or had them seriously harmed due to bullying and physical and sexual violence in schools, is calling on Government for an Independent Statutory Public Inquiry into concerns related to the deaths, harms and a number of related issues. This would be the first ever Public Inquiry of its kind and would look at serious incidents both recently and historically.

This site will identify who out of more than 650 MP’s has pledged their support for an Inquiry and conversely those MP’s that have failed to respond at all.

The Road to a Public Inquiry

Journalists, end the Media Blackout: The British Public need answers about what is happening to our children and our children need you.

If you’re an appropriate Journalist who is in a position to tell the truth about our story, then get in touch via or via the options on the Contact page.

Latest MP’s to support A Public Inquiry

Rachel Maskill – York Central – Labour


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