The Labour Party

Since 2017/2018 the Labour party being made aware of concerns related to Government failings and potential misconduct related to a potential cover up of bullying and violence in schools, have argued that they have no legal duty of care or responsibility for the issues while not in power and that they would not get involved in any way whatsoever, until in Government and legally required to do so.

High Court proceedings having found that the alleged failure of any MPs to ever investigate, revealed “tremendous incompetence”, while further Court findings, having raised unanswered questions of a deliberate cover up by MPs including those from Labour, results in questions being raised that are extremely concerning. The only way to resolve those questions, is for the current Labour Government to accept that there needs to be an appropriate public inquiry and ensure that this is allowed to happen, as soon as possible.

The evidence shows that a number of the estimated 200 school age suicides that take place every year according to ONS statistics, are linked to bullying and violence in schools and potential Government failings, negligence and misconduct in relation to the issues. An inquiry is the only way to ensure that matters are properly investigated and further unnecessary deaths and harm prevented.

Labour gained power on 05/07/2024 having deliberately chosen not to act to protect millions of children from the risk of harm and death since as early as 2017. The question that is now outstanding and points to how deeply the Labour party are implicated in the allegations of misconduct and failure, is how long will it take, for Keir Starmer and the Labour party to acknowledge the call for an inquiry, as well as the outstanding letter calling for his resignation, having chosen not to respond, to overwhelming amounts of evidence of unnecessary suffering of numerous children before.