‘Public Inquiry Now’ represents a call for an Independent Statutory Public Inquiry made by the ‘Safer Schools’ Campaign group which is made up of over 150 families from the UK and Ireland, that have lost children mainly to suicide or had children suffer serious harm, due to alleged failures to address bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools.

As a former teacher, I lead the campaign under the banner of ‘Fight for the Fatherless‘ and ‘Fight for the Fatherless In Action

Fight for the Fatherless is simply an idea, not an organisation or a charity but a Jesus inspired movement, dedicated to inspire and encourage all children, but especially the orphaned and fatherless.

As a Christian and the founder of that movement, I aim to fight and advocate for changes to laws and legislation that will best protect ALL children, through ‘Fight for the Fatherless In Action’. I aim to work alongside others and through the power of God, to do what many believe to be impossible, and in doing so, inspire others to stand up for our children and do the impossible too.

Jason Barnett – Founder of ‘Fight for the Fatherless’.