Nomination confirmed to stand against Rishi Sunak in General Election

After the failure of the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to respond to the letter calling for his resignation, after his poor handling of our public inquiry request into bullying and violence related suicide and harm in schools, which resulted in Court proceedings and the current challenge in the ECHR, I am now standing against him in the upcoming General Election in his constituency of Richmond and Northallerton.

His failure along with more than 650 MPs to take any appropriate steps to ensure any investigation into the issues over the last 5 years has led me to stand, not to become an MP but to have a platform to reach the public, not only to ensure he can be held to account but to ensure all MPs can be held to account as well.

As a consequence, I won’t be asking the people of Richmond and Northallerton for their vote, which may not affect the outcome. Instead 0 votes will be a success, if everyone instead uses their vote to ensure the removal of the Prime Minister, which is what I’ll be campaigning for.

I’ll also be campaigning nationally to ensure that on July 4th, we see every failing Member of Parliament lose their seat or be forced to step down soon after if re-elected. You can support the Election Campaign if you wish, via the Go fund me here.

Jason Barnett – Safer Schools Campaign Lead

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