Vote for Change

More than 650 MPs being provided with evidence of safeguarding failures in Government, resulting in harm and deaths due to bullying and violence in schools and an alleged cover up of those failures, have failed to take any steps whatsoever to investigate and address the issues and consequently prevent further harm.

This level of failure demands accountability and the General Election is the opportunity for the Public to remove every failing MP from Parliament and ensure that there is accountability for their actions. To do so were simply asking for you to vote in general, for as many new candidates and potential new MPs as possible, rather than anyone that has been your MP before.

It is also an opportunity for all parties outside of Parliament to support the call for their removal and demonstrate that they are indeed genuine opposition to the major parties. At the same time, it’s a chance to present themselves as a genuine alternative in positions of power, that will take the issue of a public inquiry and the prevention of further deaths and harm seriously.