Why aren’t the public hearing about the failure of MPs and the call for a public inquiry.

The Mainstream Media are failing children and families across the UK by failing to ask any questions or even mention the call for a public inquiry, into bullying, physical & sexual violence related harm and suicides in schools. The failure was most clearly exemplified at the General Election 2024, when our campaign lead Jason Barnett stood against the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in order to hold him to account in relation to the inquiry call.

The decision to stand, came after complaints that the then Prime Minister, had failed to ensure an investigation into alleged Government failings related to the issues, knowing an inquiry would help ensure the safety of millions of children across the UK. The complaints had led to High Court and Court of Appeal proceedings, intervention from the Head of Human Rights for the European Commission and a call for his resignation in writing, due to unanswered questions regarding a deliberate cover up of the issues.

Our campaign lead stood onstage side by side with the Prime Minister, live streamed by every major news organisation in the country and watched live by scores of journalists who were reporting live from the count, with pictures transferred across the world. The Mainstream media were all made aware of why our campaign lead was standing in the lead up to the election and that they had a responsibility to inform the public of the reasons, both before election day and on the day itself.

The Media with the ability to prevent further harm and save lives are choosing not to do so.

The question the public needs to be asking is why?

This is a list of media organisations that have failed to challenge MPs or hold Parliament to account after having had initial meetings with us, invited us on to shows, filmed and recorded interviews but chosen not to air them, requested and received evidence or proof of the story, or been sent multiple correspondence, documents and files.


BBC Panorama

BBC Newsnight

ITV News / ITN News

Sky News

GB News

Channel 4 News

Good Morning Britain

Sarah Jane Mee Show (Sky)


LBC Radio

Global Radio

Talk Radio

Bauer Media Group


The Telegraph

The Times & Sunday Times

The Guardian

The Independent

Daily Mirror

The Daily Mail

The Daily Express

The Metro

I News

PA Media

Schools Week


The Yorkshire Post

Various Regional Newspapers and Magazines